Organize Belongings 3D Printing Contest

Organize Belongings 3D Printing Contest BIQU 3D Printing

Hello! BIQU Fans. Have you noticed that you don't have much stuff while your room is already full? Have you found it so hard to quickly find what you need in a short time especially when you go outside? Getting off work and arriving home with exhaustion, you feel helpless only to see the messy room. So this time we hold a 3D model printing contest revolving around “Organize Belongings" , please exert your imagination to make full use of the space.

Let's look at some examples of this theme:

Pratical Headset Stand STL 3D Model FileBIQU 3D Printing

Headset Stand

Have you found that is our headset that makes the table untidy? Now here as you can see is a headset stand. It makes our headsets look charming and awesome, right?

Versatile Box BIQU 3D Printing

Versatile Box

Small items have no room to place. No, we can put them in the versatile box. Here as you can see it has a lot of drawers for you. You define its function!

Storage Box STL 3D Model File BIQU 3D Printing

Makerbot TV Stand for iPhone

IPhone holder in the shape of TV? Sounds interesting. When we use this to watch videos, there will be a feeling of watching on the TV screen. And it frees our hands.

Storage Box BIQU 3D Printing

Storage Box

Still, thinking about where to put the tools? Now we can put them into a storage box. When we want to put out them, we can get them at a glance.

Who can participate this contest?

All the BIQU Community members. If you still haven’t become one of us, what are you waiting for? Sign in right now!

What's the time of this contest?

The contest starts from March 20th to April 10th and we will announce the winners on April 11th, so everyone please seize the chance to become one of them.

How can  I participate this contest?

Step 1
Click here and submit a model file in household category, which contains at least one 1 real picture and the size should not exceed 50M.

Step 2
After uploading, copy the file link and paste the link in the bottom of here and leave “Your name + Entry name” please.

What will the winners have?

We will give 2000 community points to the first place, 1000 points to the second place, and 500 points to the third place. And what are the functions of points? Maybe you will confuse. Actually, it can be exchanged for printers and accessories for free, for more information, please click this:

And are there any rules we need to pay attention to? 

Of cause, the followings are the rules:
1. Upload your entries in the household category of the 3d model area to avoid losing the chance to vote.
2. Each user can submit up to 3 works before the deadline, but there is only 1 final entry. The last submitted work shall prevail. When submitting multiple works, please upload the model separately and leave comments separately.
3. Submitting entries that do not fit the contest criteria will result in disqualification and repeated offenses may disqualify you from our future contests.
4. The entries should be original. Those who misappropriate or plagiarize other people's works will be disqualified.
5. All awards are selected by BIQU officials. The selection criteria are popularity (likes and comments), the exquisiteness of model printing, (whether there are obvious defects such as drawing, spots, or layer separation), and post-processing (including grinding, coloring, painting, etc.)
6. The awards are not repeated. If a user has won a first prize, he cannot gain the third prize.
7. The after-sales service and return service of the prizes are the same as BIQU products.

In the end, hope you enjoy every fantastic creation! Looking forward to your participation!

Where Can I Get More Information?

3D printers are hot selling around the world. Here are the BIQU Support Center, Community, and Download Center, where you can search about 3D printers' news or problems solution. If you have any questions, welcome to submit a request to our official website, we will soon settle your problem.

Support Center

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Now There are Some General Tips for You!

1) You could ask for some advice from a person whom you know, with a fund of professional 3D printer knowledge.

2) If you want to purchase BIQU products, welcome to view BIQU Store!

3) There are some labs, workshops, and maker spaces, where 3D printers are available for trial.

4) You should choose the fittest 3D printer on your own eventually. Considering your demands, work environments, and finances.

5) Whichever company or products you would like to select, please remember to know their sales service and technology support, and even the quality of the accessories and filaments, for they may be an expensive payment. 

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