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Why does BIQU cooperate with E3D?

The first meeting of BIQU and E3D

We first contacted with E3D just over a year ago, when we had launched the BIQU H2 series extruder. We heard that E3D had introduced Rapid Change Revo to the world at TCT 2021 in Birmingham and thought they were the perfect match for our extruders. So we asked for some samples, assemble and test on and on. After some time, we had the prototype in our hands. we redesigned the H2 heatsink, to accommodate to Revo with it's M4 thread and the spring retainer geometry. We, BIQU focused on designing the extruder, while E3D brought their R&D on the nozzle and heater. After numerous hours of testing and benchmarking, we proudly presented the H2 V2S Revo extruder in TCT Detroit with E3D.

BIQU X E3D Win-Win Co-operation

E3D is the OG in terms of extrusion system development , especially in the hot end world. They have expert R&D and years of experience with hot end. E3D also has great relationship to community members and can help us spread the word about the wonderful extruder of H2 V2S Revo.

On the other hand, BIQU and BIGTREETECH have been plowing in the field of 3d printer accessories and electronics for many years and have been along side the technological development of 3d printers. We also have enormous sales network across the globe and could help expand sales for E3d.

In the spirit of true open source development, we join force to bring out the best of both companies, and provide more fine options for our customers.

The spotlights of the H2 V2S Revo extruder

1) Overall highlights

Firstly, it is readily to replace only with your fingers at room temperature. No need for complex tools and heating processes. Besides, it supports high printing temperatures, up to 300℃, enough for most filament materials. What's more, with a 7:1 gear ratio and 7.5kg maximum extrusion force, the dual gear system provides an exceptional pushing force, ensuring smooth feeding and giving snappy retractions. Fourthly, the wear-resistant aluminum alloy housing plus high thermal conductivity heat sink, realize better heat dissipation. Lastly, we also reserve mounting holes for installing cooling fans and an auto-leveling sensor, bringing you the DIY fun!

H2 V2S Revo extruder front BIQU 3D Printing

H2 V2S Revo extruder front

H2 V2S Revo extruder back BIQU 3D Printing

H2 V2S Revo extruder back

2) The benefits of Revo nozzle

What first attracted us to it was the 0.4mm size of the nozzle, and super lightweight. The total weight of the extruder is 198g, including the fan. We all know that a lighter extruder means the more precise printing accuracy we can achieve. Additionally, the nozzle is made of brass, an alloy of copper and zinc, having a low melting point, high workability, durability, electrical thermal conductivity, and anti-rust property. Moreover, the Revo nozzle has a sealed nozzle and heat block in one, they're well-matched and can't easily reveal materials when used, meanwhile, improving the flow rate, serving two purposes at a time.

H2 V2S Revo nozzle BIQU 3D Printing

H2 V2S Revo nozzle

Nozzle specification, from E3D BIQU 3D printing

Nozzle specification, from E3D

3) The advantages of the H2 V2S series extruder

Lightweight is one of the main feature of the H2 series extruder. The lightest H2 extruder is only 175g. The printing temperature can reach as high as 500℃, suitable for all sorts of filament, such as ABS, HIPS, PLA, PETG, PVA,TPU etc. What's more, they also have High efficiency heat sinks to prevent overheating. Beyond that, H2 series extruders fit in most 3D printers, such as BIQU B1, BIQU BX, Ender-3, Voron 2.4, Voron V0, Vzbot, etc. The H2 is a true bargain and a high performance beast for as low as $79. 

H2 V2S Revo extruder BIQU 3D Printing

H2 V2S Revo extruder

H2 V2S Lite extruder BIQU 3D Printing

H2 V2S Lite extruder

H2O extruder BIQU 3D Printing

H2O extruder

H2 500℃ extruder BIQU 3D Printing

H2 500℃ extruder

H2 V2.0 extruder BIQU 3D Printing

H2 V2.0 extruder

H2 Smart extruder BIQU 3D Printing

H2 Smart extruder

The future relationship between the BIQU and E3D

The cooperation between BIQU and E3D won't stop at H2 V2S Revo Extruder. We will keep a collaboration partnership in the future, and strive to develop lighter, smaller, higher flow, and higher precision extruders. We like strong alliances, and we also like to share good products with our customers. Let's look forward to the next joint products!

Where Can I Get more Information?

3D printers are hot selling around the world. Here are the BIQU Community, and Download Center, where you can search about 3D printers' news or problems solution. If you have any questions, welcome to submit a request to our official website, we will soon settle your problem.

Community & Free 3D Model Files https://biqu3d.com/pages/community

Download the Firmware File https://biqu3d.com/pages/download

Submit a Request https://biqu3d.com/pages/submit-a-ticket

Now there are some general tips for you!

1) You could ask for some advice from a person whom you know, with a fund of professional 3D printer knowledge.

2) If you want to purchase BIQU products, welcome to view BIQU Store!

3) There are some labs, workshops, and maker spaces, where 3D printers are available for trial.

4) You should choose the fittest 3D printer on your own eventually. Considering your demands, work environments, and finances.

5) Whichever company or products you would like to select, please remember to know their sales service and technology support, and even the quality of the accessories and filaments, for they may be an expensive payment. 

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