Don't know the main accessories of 3D printer? In fact, you can replace the main accessories to make your printer look brand new.

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Accessories H20 Extruder Kit BIQU 3D Printing

H20 Extruder Kit

BIQU H2O Extruder adopts new water cooling technology, which is better than traditional heat dissipation technology. There is no problem with printing at 500 degrees.

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Accessories H2 500℃ BIQU 3D Printing

H2 500℃

From $89

Accessories H2 V2.0 BIQU 3D Printing

H2 V2.0

From $73

Accessories Orbiter V1.5 BIQU 3D Printing

Orbiter V1.5

From $49

Accessories Dragonfly BIQU 3D Printing


From $59


Accessories Filament BIQU 3D Printing


From $35

Accessories Upgrade kit BIQU 3D Printing

Upgrade kit

From $10

Accessories Printing Platform BIQU 3D Printing

Printing Platform

From $9

Accessories Nozzle & Throat BIQU 3D Printing

Nozzle & Throat

From $1

Accessories Linear Guide BIQU 3D Printing

Linear Guide

From $3

Accessories Cable BIQU 3D Printing


From $1

Accessories Gear BIQU 3D Printing


From $3

Accessories Fan BIQU 3D Printing


From $2

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Hassle-Free Warranty

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Lifetime Customer Support

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