What is 3d printing? How to Choose a 3D Printer? Few things you should know before you buy a new 3D printer.

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3D Printers

BIQU Hurakan

BIQU Out-of-the-Box Klipper FDM 3D Printer

From $369

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BIQU Pixel L

BIQU PIXEL L 9.1 inch 4K Photocuring LCD 3D Printer

From $899

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3D Printers BIQU BX BIQU 3D Printing


BIQU BX 3D Printer FDM 3D printer with 32 bit 400MHZ motherboard integrated octoprint

From $521

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3D Printers BIQU B1 BIQU 3D Printing


BIQU B1 3D Printer TFT35 B1 V3.0 Dual Operation System FDM Impressora 3D VS Ender3 v2 Beginner

From $255

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3D Printers BIQU B1 SE PLUS BIQU 3D Printing


BIQU B1 SE PLUS 3D Printer Upgrade 32Bit Control Board Full Metal Extruder With TMC Drive Automatic Leveling DIY 3D Drucker Kit

From $348

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Fast and worldwide shipping BIQU 3D Printing

Fast, Worldwide Shipping

Delivery to every country, some countries free shipping.

Hassle-Free Warranty BIQU 3D Printing

Hassle-Free Warranty

1-year warranty, some products are replaced within 6 months.

Lifetime customer support BIQU 3D Printing

Lifetime Customer Support

24/7 customer service. Whenever, ready to solve your problems.

What's new

Hermit Crab

Extruder Rapid Tool Changer

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H2 Smart Extruder

H2 V2.0 extruder integrated version

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H2 500°C Extruder

Supports printing up to 500°C

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