Sep. 9  2022

New BIQU H2 V2S Series Extruder Launch!

BIQU H2 V2S REVO Extruder & H2 V2S LITE Extruder BIQU 3D Printing

Are you still annoyed by the heavy extruder causing high friction and affecting your printing precision? Have you been disturbed by the difficulty of feeding in or out of the filament? Do you regard filament loading tension and extrusion force as important? Get to know our new extruders, meeting your needs at once!

BIQU H2 V2S REVO Extruder & H2 V2S LITE Extruder

Both two extruders are remarkably lightweight, which contributes to less inertia and more accurate positioning, highly improving your printing accuracy. H2 V2S Revo is only 198g, and the H2 V2S Lite is only 175g.

Plus, the labor-saving lever design is one of the upgraded highlights, eliminating the need to continuously hold the handle when inserting or removing filament, nice for protecting users' hands. 

What's more, with a 7:1 gear ratio and 7.5kg maximum extrusion force, the dual gear system provides an exceptional pushing force, ensuring smooth feeding and giving snappy retractions, even working well with the flexible filament. The dual gear can be adjusted by rotating the tension screw to accommodate different filaments, improving the printing success rate. And they support ABS, HIPS, PLA, PET, PVA, TPU filament, etc.

They are widely compatible with BIQU B1, BIQU BX, Ender-3, Voron 2.4, Voron V0, and Vzbot.

Do they have other advantages? Yes, of course!

BIQU & E3D Joint Product-- H2 V2S REVO Extruder

BIQU&E3D Joint Product-- H2 V2S REVO Extruder BIQU 3D Printing
BIQU&E3D Joint Product-- H2 V2S REVO Extruder BIQU 3D Printing

a) Easy swap with your finger. You could just use your fingers to change the nozzle at room temperature. No need for complex tools and hot tightening. Besides, the Revo nozzle has a sealed nozzle and heat block in one, so they're well-matched and can't readily leak materials when used.

b) 300℃ max heating temperature. Revo heater core can heat faster and safer than other typical heat blocks, for it has a positive temperature coefficient (PTC), which means power reduces as it gets hotter, reducing hazards in the event of a thermal runaway. And it supports high printing temperatures, up to 300℃.

c) Efficient heat dissipation. The wear-resistant aluminum alloy housing, plus high thermal conductivity heat sink, and fan can realize a better heat dissipation. Moreover, one side of the extruder reserves 4 screw mounting holes for installing cooling fans and an auto-leveling sensor.

BIQU Exclusive Product-- H2 V2S LITE Extruder

BIQU Exclusive Product-- H2 V2S LITE Extruder
BIQU Exclusive Product-- H2 V2S LITE Extruder BIQU 3D printing

a) All-metal outline. Crafted from aluminum alloy and nano-coated gears, Lite is very rigid and durable, with corrosion-resistant and wear-resistant gears, wear-resistant, and lightweight. Add 4 screw mounting holes for installing an auto leveling sensor, cooling fan, and other accessories. What's more, hollow design shows the beauty of gear motion.

b) High flow to make faster printing. The extruder can output 45mm³/s to improve your printing speed. If you want to realize high-flow printing, high powered cooling fan is required.

c) Quick detach design. The heat break could be readily removed or installed with a hex key, saving your energy and time to do the work.

Hope they will settle down your confusion, and offer you a fantastic printing experience! See you next time!

Parameter Parameters


H2 V2S Revo extruder

BIQU Exclusive Product-- H2 V2S LITE Extruder
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H2 V2S Lite extruder

BIQU Exclusive Product-- H2 V2S LITE Extruder BIQU 3D printing
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Extrusion Method

Dual Gear Extrusion

Dual Gear Extrusion

Maximum Printing Temperature




198g (including the fan.)

175g (including Heater Cartridge, Thermistor, and fan)

Maximum Extrusion Force

7.5kg (depending on the filament.)

7.5kg (depending on the filament.)

Extrusion (based on the existing)

1800mm³/min (depending on the filament.)

2700mm³/min (depending on the filament.)


932/mm at 16 microstep (Further calibration is recommended.)

932/mm at 16 microstep (Further calibration is recommended.)

Klipper Rotation Distance



Recommended Motor Current



Gear Ratio



Drive Gear Circumference



Filament Diameter and Tolerance



Heater Power






Thermistor Type

Semitec 104NT-4-R025H42G (NTC100K)


*Note: Not compatible with standard NEMA14 motor.

The Video of H2 V2S Revo Extruder 

The Video of H2 V2S Lite Extruder 

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