Dec. 23  2021

New Release - H2O Extruder

New Release BIQU H2O Extruder BIQU 3D Printing

BIQU H2O Extruder adopts new water cooling technology, which is better than traditional heat dissipation technology. There is no problem with printing at 500 degrees. RGB allows your eyes to be different every moment.
Beat the heat.


  • Dual gear drive with 7:1 gear ratio
  • Robust water cooling, better heat dissipation
  • High-temperature printing up to 500℃
  • Integral RGB lighting
  • Low noise operation
  • Compact heatsink design
  • Supports high-temperature materials such as PEEK


Product nameH2O Extruder
Product size
Rated voltage
Rated current
Phase number
Holding torque
Insulation class
Class H
Moment of inertia

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3D printers are hot selling around the world. Here are the BIQU Community, and Download Center, where you can search about 3D printers' news or problems solution. If you have any questions, welcome to submit a request to our official website, we will soon settle your problem.

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3) There are some labs, workshops, and maker spaces, where 3D printers are available for trial.

4) You should choose the fittest 3D printer on your own eventually. Considering your demands, work environments, and finances.

5) Whichever company or products you would like to select, please remember to know their sales service and technology support, and even the quality of the accessories and filaments, for they may be an expensive payment. 

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