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Sound Endorsed by Several Professional Testers and Creators

The 3D Printer Bee Unboxing & Review of the BQ-Hurakan: Features & Performance BIQU 3D Printing

"The BQ-Hurakan is one of the most interesting new FDM 3D printers for beginners. It has many features that improve the print quality and user experience. And if that's not enough for you, BIQU offers upgrades for it, like a camera, a direct drive extruder or a bigger screen. One of the best features, however, is the cooperation and integration of Klipper as firmware. "

ALL3DP Biqu Hurakan: Specs, Price, Release & Reviews BIQU 3D Printing

"With today's strangled supply chains, a machine that includes Klipper-ready technology while remaining affordable to hobbyists is no easy feat. Biqu managed to make this machine cost effective by developing its own controller hardware. This hardware, which can be found within the Biqu Hurakan, has the necessary capabilities to run Klipper while keeping the machine competitively priced."

3D Today BIQU starts accepting orders for Hurakan low cost FDM 3D printers BIQU 3D Printing

"BIQU starts accepting orders for Hurakan low cost FDM 3D printersHurakan relies on a 32-bit Manta M4P board built specifically for Klipper. The board with ARM STM32G0B0RE microcontroller with a clock speed of 64 MHz works in conjunction with a CB1 single-board computer with a quad-core ARM Cortex-A53 processor, clocked at 1.5 GHz and 512 MB DDR3 RAM. The quiet TMC2209 drivers help keep noise levels below 50 dB."

Designed with a smooth machine body line, and cool blue & black colorway, the newly launched 3D printer, Hurakan, is like a hypercar, fast, accurate, and safe. The self-developed integrated Manta control board integrates the CB1 computing board to provide an innovative and compact way to run Klipper. Plus, an independently created BIQU MicroProbe makes the leveling easier and printing more precise. A built-in WiFi module could remotely control your printer. And selectable heating areas contribute to the efficient use of energy. Collaborating with the TMC2209 stepper driver makes the printer super silent at less than 50dB. Various RGB lights add more illumination and appeal! The Hurakan design keeps avid DIYers in mind. Plenty of upgrades from the BIGTREETECH accessory ecosystem are available, so you can build your own one-of-a-kind BIQU Hurakan!

Official cooperation with Klipper BIQU 3D Printing

Official cooperation

Support remote printing BIQU 3D Printing

Remote printing

Adjustable heat bed BIQU 3D Printing

Adjustable heat bed

Automatic leveling BIQU 3D Printing

Automatic leveling

Material break detection BIQU 3D Printing

Material break detection

Upgradable, DIY-freely BIQU 3D Printing


BIQU Hurakan 3D printer head BIQU 3D Printing

So Different

Black frame with blue accent, like a beautiful Italian hyper with charming machine line and aggressive appearance.

BIQU Hurakan's display BIQU 3D Printing
BIQU Hurakan's frame BIQU 3D Printing
BIQU Hurakan 3D printer BIQU 3D Printing
BIQU Hurakan's frame BIQU 3D Printing

The Core to WOW

The self-developed integrated control board provides an innovative way of running Klipper.

Inspired by the marine organism Manta, the Manta Mainboard's appearance design is mysterious but impressive. M4P mainboard is integrated B2B connection dock to CB1 or CM4, well-compatible with Klipper firmware. Plus, it supports 4 selectable HV drivers to improve stepper performance. Various extended interfaces make your creation more reassuring and even interesting, such as BL touch, filament detection, HDMI display, RGB light, etc. Moreover, multiple fan ports give you headroom to cool your components.

Manta M4P control board BIQU 3D printing
CB1 core board BIQU 3D Printing

Official Cooperation

BIQU and KLIPPER partnership cooperation BIQU 3D Printing
  • More friendly operation interface and more convenient configuration settings
  • Higher printing accuracy with artificial intelligence algorithm compensation
  • Quick application of expansion modules such as camera and accelerometer
Hurakan Mainsail Operation interface BIQU 3D Printing

AI Algorithm

Include an ADXL 345 accelerometer board, providing additional computing power and built-in algorithms to enable higher printing accuracy.

Hurakan's AI Algorithm BIQU 3D Printing
Hurakan's built-in WiFi module BIQU 3D Printing

Built-in WiFi module

Different terminal devices and Hurakan could be connected to the same WIFI. Then these devices could use LAN control to instruct the work of Hurakan, including adjusting the parameters, starting to print, and pausing the work.

Control Multiple Printers BIQU 3D Printing

Control Multiple Printers

Multiple printers can be controlled simultaneously via the web page under the same WIFI connection. Input the exclusive IP address of the printer on each web page. One web page controls one printer.

Choose the Part to Heat

100W for the Central Part

240W for the Whole Bed

Hurakan is environmentally friendly BIQU 3D Printing

Users can press the switch to adjust different heating power according to the size of the model, which can save about 20% on electricity consumption. The red light is on for 100W. Both the red and blue lights are on for 240W.

Enjoy printing and being environmentally friendly.

BIQU MicroProbe

Equipped with BIQU MicroProbe, an auto-leveling sensor, which is also compatible with other FDM printers.

Extra Small 

Only 29x17x29mm


Super Lightweight


Longer Usage


Hurakan Microprobe BIQU 3D Printing

Metal Probe

Replaceable aluminum probe to provide rigidity against small bumps but give away with big crashes to protect your MicroProbe.

Hurakan Microprobe BIQU 3D Printing

Micro Sized Footprint

Take much less space than other retracting probe sensors(BL Touch, CR Touch, etc.), and fit into more spots and crevices where other sensors can't.

Ultra-quiet Printing

Using authentic the TMC2209, an ultra-silent motor driver, the printing noise can be significantly reduced. Less than 50dB all the time, gives you a relatively silent printing environment, nice for the makers at home.

Silent printing less than 50dB BIQU 3D Printing
TMC2209 silent driver BIQU 3D Printing

Keep it Bright

Except for the two indicator lights of Microprobe (flash blue light when working and red light at other times). The printer head has also installed RGB lights, with 16.8 million color combinations, and is designed to illuminate the model. Enjoy the customized freedom!

Filament detection BIQU 3D Printing

Detect the filament condition.

Pause when filaments run out or break.

Filament Runout Sensor

Ports & Slots

BIQU Hurakan 3D Printer BIQU 3D Printing

Upgradable Accessories

Hurakan is a DIY-friendly printer, whose most accessories can be upgraded. Such as the H2 Extruder, super lightweight and has excellent heat dissipation. The HDMI Display, well-supports Klipper firmware. And Camera helps you monitor your print process. What's more, the Dual Z Upgrade Kit makes your machine more stable.

Upgradable Accessories H2 Series extruder BIQU 3D Printing

H2 Series Extruder

Upgradable Accessories H2 Series extruder BIQU 3D Printing

Dual Z Upgrade Kit

Upgradable Accessories Camera BIQU 3D Printing

Camera (Plug and Play)

Upgradable Accessories HDMI Series Screen BIQU 3D Printing

HDMI Series Screen

What's in the Box

Tools and Screw Accessories of Hurakan BIQU 3D Printing

Tools and Screw Accessories

Nozzle of Hurakan BIQU 3D Printing


TF Card + Card Reader of Hurakan BIQU 3D Printing

TF Card + Card Reader

Power Cord of Hurakan BIQU 3D Printing

Power Cord

Filament for Test of Hurakan BIQU 3D Printing

Filament for Test

Cable Ties of Hurakan BIQU 3D Printing

Cable Ties


Product Name


Product Dimensions

480 x 470 x 482mm

Build Volume

220 x 220 x 270mm

Print Head


Layer Thickness

0.1mm - 0.3mm

Nozzle Diameter

Standard 0.4mm

Printing Accuracy



 PLA / ABS / PETG... (Any<260℃.)

File Format


Printing Method

USB Drive / LAN Controlled

Slicing Software

Cura / Repetier-Host / Simplify 3D

Output Voltage


Rated Power


Heated Bed Power


Maximum Temperature of Heated Bed


Maximum Temperature of Nozzle


Default Speed Limit (Firmware)


Suggested Printing Speed


Filament Runout Detection

Standard Feature


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